Aluminium masks for robotic topcoat-basecoat spraying and for aluminising. (Left Image)

The same aluminium mask is used throughout various processes, including the application of basecoat, metallising, topcoat and curing. The aluminium masks are pressed and subsequently cut from CAD information as volume batches. Consistency and repeatability are guaranteed. The masks are mounted in banks to suit conveyor system.

Aluminising masks mounted onto planet
(Right Image)

The multicavity planet is to be placed in an Aluminising chamber. The masks were produced by laser cutting Stainless Steel sheet from CAD information. These were subsequently pressed to the required shape by means of a press tool. RSC also arranged and mounted the masks to suit the coating process.


Aluminising planet.

The multicavity planet comprising 40 cavities is placed in the Aluminising chamber. RSC arrange and mount the masks to suit your process whatever the size or layout of your coating system. The stainless steel masks are produced by cutting the cavities and subsequently pressing them to shape by means of a press tool. Consistency and repeatability are achieved. The cost of the tool is amortised over the required large number of cavities.