Plastic Paint Mask.

A range of mobile phones requires the application of a conductive coating for shielding in the inside of the component assuring that the show face will be free of paint and un-damaged. Production volumes are relatively high. The illustrated precision-made Injection Moulded plastic mask ensures repeatability without scratching the parts. The injection-moulding tool was produced from information obtained by digitising actual components. This optimises the fit of the masks.

Plastic mask for a Directional Indicator.

Originally coated in amber, a metallised pocket was later required. A prototype ABS mask was originally produced in 2 days for trial purposes. The success of this lead to the manufacture of production masks. These were moulded in PP. The production volumes are relatively high and the components to be masked are to be free of damage. The injection moulding tools were produced from CAD data

Aluminising mask for a vehicle light

Being an automotive component, the production volumes are relatively high and the part is to be free from damage. The masks are to be mounted in Aluminising planets. The plastic masks offer a significant reduction on weight enabling a large number of components to be coated simultaneously.