RS Composites Ltd, a British engineering company specialised in the manufacture of masking tools for a variety of coating processes including decorative and conductive spray-painting, vacuum deposition & aluminising, application of lacquers, gluing, etc.

Our speciality lies in the manufacture of distinct and purpose built masking tools. The construction and production methods to create these tools vary dramatically depending upon application, environments, volumes and a number of varied factors.

The continuous search for alternative materials and processes combined with our technical crew, experienced in a wide range of engineering fields provides RSC with major advantages compared to standard tool making: We select different materials and manufacturing processes to suit each particular application.

Our team of senior engineers offers a continued technical support contributing through all stages of development, from initial design to volume production.

Comprehensive equipment within our installations provides: standard tool-making, injection moulding, metal fabrication, Computer Aided Design, Digitising, Computer Assisted profile cutting, spray painting and manual prototyping.

Contact us: 01543 274 999