Founded on our background in engineering, plastics and composites RSC offer innovative tools: by combining different materials and processes in the construction of our jigs, common problems experienced by coating applicators are overcome.

The manufacture of the tools is typically based on information provided by any or a combination of the following: component samples, digitised data, CAD and/ or technical hard copy drawings.

Once this information is processed and the required masking detail established, the production volumes and coating processes including chemical aggressions, curing temperatures, operators involvement, degree of automation, etc are considered. The masking tools manufactured by RSC will suit each particular application, accordingly.

Once the individual masks are manufactured by the chosen means, these are mounted according to the process in which they will be utilised. In some instances multicavity jigs are laid out for automatic spraying. The masks may also be mounted into multi-positional planets for aluminising or vacuum deposition. Should the nature of the production coating require so, the masks may be individually arranged often with a top and base mask, hinged to assist manual operations.

Some of the methods typically used by RSC to manufacture masks and planets are briefly described below:

PVC Flat Masks
Plastic Injection Moulded Masks
Metal Laser Cut Masks
Metal Pressed Masks
Machined Metal Masks
Polymer Fabricated Masks
Metal Fabricated Masks
Electroformed Masks

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